Increase production line efficiency in your medical technology operation, with bespoke cleanroom workstations, furniture, and equipment from Facteq.

Whether your business manufactures medical devices, healthcare equipment, or digital solutions designed to diagnose, monitor and treat health conditions, you are assured of fully compliant solutions which are tailored to your processes, and are designed to boost productivity and promote workplace safety.

Our workspace solutions are made from modular aluminum profiles, high-pressure laminates and other non-porous materials. These modular systems offer the very best adaptability and versatility to futureproof your workspaces cost-effectively, while also being ultra-hygienic and robustly durable.

MedTech Cleanroom Expertise
MedTech Bespoke Solutions
MedTech Quality Assurance

Cleanroom Expertise

Cleanroom furniture and workstations provide your MedTech enterprise with contamination-controlled environments for manufacturing medical devices and equipment.

Bespoke Solutions

Custom cleanroom and production line solutions that address the specific needs of your MedTech enterprise, supporting the efficient and cost-effective production of your medical equipment.

Quality Assurance

High-quality materials like High-Pressure Laminate (HPL), Aluminium Profiles and non-porous components contribute to precise, sterile, and durable workstations for product quality and workplace efficiency.

Safety Compliance

Solutions and safety features help you adhere to strict safety standards and regulations, protecting your teams and sensitive equipment.


Modular systems for easy reconfiguration and expansion, ensuring adaptability in response to production demands, expansions, and upgrades.


Design consultation to optimise your workspaces in line with your processes for maximum efficiency and regulatory compliance.