Drive your production line’s efficiency to new levels with our versatile industrial furniture and equipment solutions.

Our modular workspaces are engineered from high-quality materials such as aluminum profiles and high-pressure laminate, including custom robotics casings.

Cleanroom and factory production line solutions ensure contamination control and precision for sensitive automation equipment. Custom machine guarding enhances workplace safety and compliance, safeguarding personnel and machinery.

As you grow, you can quickly and cost-effectively add Facteq systems to cleanroom solutions because our high-quality materials and modular design meet your sector’s durability and precision standards. Our initial design consultation services will help you optimise your workspace design to boost efficiency while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Industrial & Automation Modular Workspaces
Industrial & Automation Cleanroom Solutions
Industrial & Automation Custom Machine Guarding

Modular Workspaces

Bespoke modular workstations and industrial furniture essential for creating efficient and adaptable environments for automation systems.

Cleanroom Solutions

Aluminium Profiles, High-Pressure Laminates and non—porous components for cleanroom furniture systems requiring contamination control and ultra precision.

Custom Machine Guarding

Enhance workplace safety and compliance, safeguarding your personnel and automation equipment.

Bespoke Solutions

Customised solutions, including cases for robotics and robotic machines, tailored to your specifications and requirements.

Quality Assurance

High-quality materials, meticulous mechanical drawings, and in-house factory tests contribute to the durability and precision of your workstations and equipment.


Design consultation offers valuable insights and recommendations for process improvement and workspace optimisation.