We provide fully tailored solutions that cater to laboratories, whether they are in educational, private, healthcare, or pharmaceutical settings.

Our cleanroom expertise ensures contamination control in your facility, while our modular systems are custom designed, following full consultation, to meet your specific needs. The high-quality materials and safety features meet the most stringent standards for lab environments. Drive your efficiency to new levels with our compliant, adaptable, and efficient laboratory workspace designs.

Laboratory Cleanroom Solutions
Laboratory Modular Workspaces
Laboratory Durable Workspaces

Cleanroom Solutions

Tailored solutions to meet the specific requirements of a laboratory environment, ensuring that furniture, workstations, and cleanroom systems are designed to optimise the specific processes and workflows in your labs.


Modular systems for easy reconfiguration and expansion, adapting to changing requirements or new research projects without requiring extensive renovations.


High-quality materials like High-Pressure Laminate (HPL), Aluminium Profiles, and non-porous components ensure the longevity and robustness of your furniture and equipment in demanding laboratory conditions.

Cleanroom Compliance

Cleanroom furniture and workstations guarantee your compliance with the strict cleanliness and contamination control standards in laboratory environments.


Bespoke machine guarding solutions and other safety features to maintain a safe working environment, protecting personnel and laboratory equipment.


Full design consultation, providing insights and guidance to help you improve processes, safety, and efficiency.